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#day55 – about becoming a Pilgrim 

“The Earth is a sacret temple. It’s a place where we find liberation, we find our enlightment, we find our self-realization. This is the place where Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Lao Tsu, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and St Francis found their self realization (…) and fulfilment. No need to be other-wordly! This is the place where we become pilgrims, thought work, through living, through engaging. Engagment is not attachement. Engagement is to realise that we are all entangled and connected, and that connectivity we become pilgrims. There is nothing else that we need to become pilgrims. We don’t have to go for training, we don’t have to read books; the moment we realise that we are pilgrims we become pilgrims we become pilgrims. That’s all there is. It’s as simple as that.” Satish Kumar in Earth Pilgrim

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